Billett Henning & Harvey (Zambia) Ltd are Zambian based company at Plot 1888 / M, 4th Street Ibex Hill, Lusaka. We have offices in Kabwe, Itezhi Tezhi, Nakonde, Mongu, as well as BH&H Lilongwe Malawi and our Agricultural company “BH&H Agriculture Zambia Ltd.”

Whilst we operate throughout Sub Sahara Africa, we enjoy the benefit of an impressive support structure and team with backgrounds in national & international operations. Our services have extended to various African countries in the SADC region and beyond.

We have the ability to undertake individual projects but should projects exceed our ability, Billett Henning & Harvey (Zambia) Ltd will network the required professional and financial support through its strategic alliances.

Our Vision: To be a leading global construction & project management company

Our Mission: To provide an independent, quality, efficient and comprehensive consultancy service that yields environmentally focused and cost-effective solutions for our clients and the beneficiary communities.

Our Strategy: Our strategy is to attract and retain highly motivated and dedicated personal as well as strategic partners to deliver, cost effective, quality assured, environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions, with an on-time delivery to all our clients.

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